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Primary Real Estate Agency Services

E-House's principal business has been to provide primary real estate agency services to real estate developers, chiefly to developers of residential properties. In 2011, this accounted for approximately 39% of our total revenues. Sales and marketing services in the primary real estate market constitute a large portion of our core business.

Our project work typically begins by preparing a customized marketing plan which could include the following:

  • Develop a signature identity and brand that are unique to the project.
  • Establish long-term project awareness among prospective buyers in the primary and secondary real estate markets.
  • Profile typical buyers and select public relations and advertising companies to design marketing materials and marketing venues based on such profiles.
  • Execute marketing campaigns primarily focused on print media, television, internet, high-visibility billboards, housing exhibits and entertainment events.

Once the project enters the sales phase, we establish functional sales offices and outlets on-site for each development project. Sales staff that are specifically trained for each project are stationed on location until a large majority of the units are sold.

Our proprietary sales monitoring system allows prospective buyers to view inventories of unsold units on a real-time basis, enabling our sales staff and developers to closely monitor the status of units at various stages in the sales process and adjust their sales, marketing and construction strategies if necessary.

We also generate sales by contacting targeted customers with information on selected projects. We have a nationwide "E-House Membership Club" through which we promote new properties based on member profiles and preferences. At the end of 2011, the club had approximately 2.3 million members.

We have established strategic alliances with China's leading real estate developers, including Evergrande, Vanke, Shanghai Industrial Urban, Star River, COFCO, Glorious Property, Greentown, Country Garden, Gemdale and Agile. In 2011, we provided primary real estate agency services for 443 projects across 101 cities in China.

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